I'd like to sign up. How do I get started?

Choose which program(s) you would like to participate in (see below), and sign up. Once you’ve successfully filled out our registration form, you’ll be sent a confirmation email with a confirmation link in it. Once clicked, you’ll be directed to our GET STARTED PAGE that has all the details you should need to get going. EMAIL US if you have any specific questions or concerns.

What recycling programs do you offer?

We currently offer two programs:

  1. PERSONAL CARE PACKAGING: Collect hair care packaging, skin care packaging, and cosmetic packagingCLICK HERE to print your collection poster. Packaging can be from ANY brand manufacturer. What is NOT accepted in this program? Any container that is NOT plastic. This means no glass, no metal (metal pans in eyeshadow are fine), no aerosol cans, no nail polish bottles, and no nail polish remover bottles.

For this program, you have to accumulate at least 11 lbs. of packaging before sending. If you ship a box that is less than 11 lbs. on this program to TerraCycle, Ticked Off Foundation will NOT receive any donations… so please weigh your boxes before sending!

  1. ORAL CARE PACKAGING: Collect mouthwash bottles & caps, deodorant bottles & caps, toothpaste tubes & caps, soap packaging, floss containers, and toothbrushes. CLICK HERE to print your collection poster. Packaging can be from ANY brand manufacturer. What is NOT accepted in this program? Any aerosol deodorant cans.

For this program, you have to accumulate at least 5 lbs. of packaging before sending. If you ship a box that is less than 5 lbs. on this program to TerraCycle, Ticked Off Foundation will NOT receive any donations from… so please weigh your boxes before sending!

You are permitted to collect for both programs but the shipments must be sorted & shipped separately. Ask friends, family, fellow Lymies.  Collect at home or your workplace, school and church.  Engage local businesses, social clubs, and Lyme support groups to donate their recycling, too.

Most of the above are traditionally considered non-recyclable items that would ordinarily be destined for the landfill.

How do I get a shipping box?

We suggest you ‘upcycle’ your boxes, meaning reuse an old box. Ask around with your friends and local businesses. Big boxes are everywhere and people are happy to donate their large boxes to charity. In fact, many people struggle to dispose of large boxes so you can help them too. Your local grocery stores and supermarkets are usually happy to get rid of their large boxes for free. RULE OF THUMB: Because you will need to accumulate from 5 to 11 lbs. of recycling (depending on your program), you should use BIG boxes… boxes big enough for you to get inside.

How do I package my shipment?

Put your recycling in a plastic bag before boxing it to make sure it does not drip or leak as this will make the package unshippable. Be certain your shipping boxes meet the minimum weight requirements per program or Ticked Off will not be credited. Source a box large enough to package the appropriate weight (feel free to reuse sturdy boxes). Tape the box closed, place the pre-paid UPS label on the outside of the box, and take to your local UPS drop-off location.

How do I get a label?

Request a pre-paid UPS shipping label for each box you’re mailing. Fill out the form below and a label will be emailed to you. Print out the label and apply one designated label per box you’re shipping.



How do I ship my package?

You are shipping the package using a UPS pre-paid label. Please visit www.ups.com/dropoff to find a UPS drop-off location near you. They are usually located at most major office supply store. Please be aware you SHOULD NOT CALL for a UPS pickup – YOU WILL BE CHARGED for this service and cannot be reimbursed. Also, you CAN NOT use the same shipping label (tracking number) more than once. This includes photocopies and printing the same label multiple times. If a duplicate label is used, your package may not arrive and they are unable to credit Ticked Off for the points earned from the additional shipments.

I want to collect but it's difficult for me to make the shipments. What can I do?

Find a collection location.  There are currently a handful of collection locations in the Pennsylvania area. CLICK HERE to find a spot to drop off all your Personal Care or Oral Care & Deodorant recyclables.  You may also approach a local business and ask them to be a collection location.

I know I can collect by myself but who can I collaborate with for greater impact?

COLLABORATIVE COLLECTION is by far the FASTEST way to accumulate and turn your waste streams into donations. Involve your family, friends, coworkers, local businesses, schools, Lyme support groups, your entire community. When given the opportunity to donate that requires no money and only trash, EVERYONE can help. So, get creative!

THINK BIG.  You are giving people a free way to help and anyone who bathes can participate. Perhaps your family wants to pool their collections, a school-aged child you know could start a program in their school (some even need this for credit to graduate), or your dentist can encourage his/her patients to do a “brush exchange”, recycling their old toothbrushes and getting a new one at their appointments. Do you know anyone who works at a salon? They generate A LOT of personal care waste as do beauty Vloggers. Speak up. You will find that people are very excited to have a new way to help you and our cause.

How do I approach people?

Print out our marketing materials for each program. Do this by first downloading our program PDFs and then printing them on your home printer.




Give the flyers to the people you approach. Explain the program and how much it’s helping Lyme patients who need are in need right now. Be certain you speak to the person with the authority to make decisions and you get their express permission. Clear with them their level of involvement and how they would like to be acknowledged. Exchange phone/email/etc. information and encourage them to contact you with any questions. Ultimately, you are providing people an opportunity, a new way to be charitable with no financial demand on them that offers them all sorts of excellent promotion and community awareness, now with nationwide exposure. They are helping Lyme patients in crisis, and saving the planet. WIN/WIN! Please email us if you’d like us to walk you through this step.

What options are available for collection?

People you approach to collect have options.

  1. They can start their own independent collection and operate just as you have.
  2. You can offer to run aspects of their collection and submission process by providing boxes, making them a “collection station” and offering to collect bags or boxes at the end of every week or month, etc.

The option is based on how much they are willing to participate and how thorough they are reviewing their collections. We often work with businesses and offer them pick-up service. We review their waste and package and ship it once we are sure they understand what is accepted. Ultimately it’s ideal to get them certain and independent as soon as possible so you can move forward to training the next donor.

How can I share my successful actions?

Take pictures, make videos, write posts, blog and share them on our Facebook page.. WE LOVE to hear about how you are doing, what worked for you and how much fun you are having!


If you have any further questions, email us at info@tickedofffoundation.org

Our mission is to provide financial assistance and support to Lyme and tick-borne disease patients over the age of 25 who are in crisis. We do this through grants and counseling in an effort to stem the tide of Lyme-related suicides. According to Dr. Joseph Jemsek (MD from Washington, DC), “The most common cause of death in Lyme disease is suicide.” Through our efforts and support through generous donations and sponsors, we hope to put this reality in the past.

The Ticked Off Foundation is recognized by both the IRS and State of Connecticut Franchise Tax Board as a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization, EIN: 47-4783824. Contributions to the Ticked Off Foundation are tax-deductible as allowed by law.