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What is Collaborative Collection?
COLLABORATIVE COLLECTION is by far the FASTEST way to accumulate and turn your waste streams into donations. Involve your family, friends, coworkers, local businesses, schools, Lyme support groups, your entire community. When given the opportunity to donate that requires no money and only trash, EVERYONE can help. So, get creative!  THINK BIG. You are giving people a free way to help and anyone who bathes can participate. Perhaps your family wants to pool their collections, a school-aged child you know could start a program in their school (some even need this for credit to graduate), or your dentist can encourage his/her patients to do a “brush exchange”, recycling their old toothbrushes and getting a new one at their appointments. Do you know anyone who works at a salon? They generate A LOT of personal care waste as do beauty Vloggers. Speak up. You will find that people are very excited to have a new way to help you and our cause.
Where do I review the programs?
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What do Recycling Activists/Project Managers do?
Activists collect, engage new donors, and facilitate collections.   Project Managers do all this and support Recycling Activists on their team.