Since launching in 2015, the Ticked Off Foundation has helped hundreds of Lyme patients all over the United States with grants, counseling and treatment education. Many of them were on the edge of crisis and had nowhere else to turn. Here are some of their stories…

Before I came across the Ticked Off Foundation my son and I were struggling with chronic Lyme. I had tried every antibiotic under the sun to no avail. I tried every treatment out there, even the strange sounding ones. Nope, none worked. My son, was diagnosed at 2 years with congenital Lyme, and he refused to take any antibiotics. I was desperate to find treatment for us both but the Cowden Protocol was just out of our reach due to cost. When I met Gregg Kirk and found out about the grant, my prayers were actually answered. Gregg is such a supportive man. He has encouraged both my son and me. The Cowden Protocol has helped to quell my son’s  aggressive behavior and acting out. It has helped me to improve my cognitive functioning and has given me more energy. If you are thinking about applying for the Ticked Off Foundation grant, just do it. Don’t think about it. DO IT! There is no time like the present to beat Lyme.

Robyn Wilkins, Cordova, TN

My name is Amy and I have a family full of Lymies! I have 8 children and fear that they may all have been born with it. After 8 years struggling, my 17 year-old son is finally getting treatment he needs. And after 5 years of me struggling I am doing amazing after just a few months on Cowden protocol!! I have my life back… no, not really. This is such a better life than I even dreamed of when I was bed-bound for years and unable to even care for my children. Thank you so much, Gregg for all you have done to help us be able to afford the Cowden Protocol. Without you we would have never been financially able to try it. Having been so debilitated by this disease, our income has been drastically reduced because my husband had to stay home to take care of me and our children. With my recent improvement he has been able to go back to work part-time so that we can catch up on some bills. The Ticked Off Foundation has done something for our family that none other as been able or willing to do. This place of helplessness and hopelessness is such a dark place. But the sunshine from receiving a grant from somebody we don’t even know… totally restorative!

Amy Sizemore, Liberty, KY

My name is Elaine and I have Lyme disease.  It is debilitating, painful, and has completely put my life on pause. It is a long, lonely journey.  But sometimes you meet angel helpers such as Gregg along the way.  In truth, folks like Gregg are the only thing that keep you going!  He has offered support to our low-income family as we try to get a grasp on this illness.  He has spent time speaking with me and giving me emotional support.  He has been through this and he knows deep down how this disease scars you physically and mentally!  I am so thankful that Gregg offers his gift of empathy and sincere caring to help Lyme patients who are in great need of support!  Blessings to you Gregg and your foundation.  May it get all the support it can!”

Elaine Kaple, Moline, IL

Help seemed nowhere. I couldn’t afford an LLMD or the treatments others were discussing. My body had been sick with Lyme disease for almost 20 years, but my spirit (and children) had kept me going. However, in March of 2017, I couldn’t hold on any longer.  Physically and mentally, I was utterly and completely broken. I wanted to check out. Then, I saw a post where another sufferer said she was getting financial help from Gregg Kirk and the Ticked Off Foundation to take the Cowden Protocol.  Dare I even care enough to try? Too many disappointments already. Besides, it’s really hard asking for help.  I decided this would be my last, best effort.  After talking to Gregg, I realized (remembered) people do care! I very quickly received my first month of the Cowden Protocol and began.  After one month in, I’m seeing some change. I’m sincerely grateful for Gregg and The Ticked Off  Foundation. There IS still hope and healing… hang on.  We need each other.

Dawn Reis, Oxford, MI

Without the help of Gregg Kirk and the Ticked off Foundation many others and I would be financially unable to afford the Cowden Protocol for addressing Lyme disease. Lyme decimates so many things. The added stress of financial strain at barely being able to make ends meet without having any funds left for Lyme treatments can be a tremendous burden to try and weather. I am so thankful for people like Gregg who climbed out of the trenches of Lyme disease himself and has turned around to lend a helping hand and a compassionate heart to the many people still searching for healing from Lyme. He could’ve just gone on about his life, but instead he made it his mission to help others with Lyme disease. Thank you for your support to this worthy cause. You are making a difference in many people’s lives, mine included. It’s not a short journey to overcome a complicated illness like Lyme disease, but there is hope! Without the Ticked off Foundation’s help and support, which is often a last resort for any sort of viable treatment for those of us with severe financial strain, these treatments would be out of our means. I still need treatment. I don’t want to quit in the middle of treatment just because the funds are short. Please consider donating. Your help makes a difference! With much gratitude.

Carrie McKinney, Montgomery, AL

My daughter MaryJane used to be an all around champion for the USA gymnastics junior Olympic program. She was 11 years old when she came in second at her first state competition. We all thought she would grab that state champ title, but she was sick at the competition and so her beam didn’t go as well as usual. That was in May of 2016 and during the following summer and fall MaryJane’s health was dwindling. By November I had to take her out of gymnastics because she was just not well and had suffered injuries in her sport. Three days later I took her to the ER and the cardiologist found she had Mobitz 1 heartblock, but no diagnosis was present so we were sent home. And that’s how it went for the next few months. Many doctors and specialists and months later and still no diagnosis. So I sat back and cleared my head and compiled her symptom list which was pages long. I researched her symptoms and then one day I had my aha moment and said, “MaryJane, I’m pretty sure this is Lyme disease.” Basically when my daughter became sick I put everything to the side to try and save her, and when I did that I discovered that the twins and I all had Lyme disease. And we believe my sister and her son has it too. We all contracted it when we were staying with my sister one summer when she lived down the road from a wildlife reserve; her dogs were covered with ticks.

I always tell my daughter that she saved our family’s lives. If she hadn’t of been so sick, we may have never known what was causing all of the health problems in our family. I was relieved at the time and then came the realities of Lyme disease. I soon realized that I was not able to afford her treatment, or my son’s or mine. I watched my daughter become so sick, she lost the ability to walk and she was developing scoliosis and what looked like brain damage. I felt lost, hopeless, and really scared. I was crying so much that I almost killed myself from crying, and my son begged me to stop. I was so sad and lost that I didn’t care what happened to me. It was so painful to watch MaryJane suffer and dwindle away. I finally found the Ticked Off Foundation and Gregg Kirk replied to me so fast. He was our family’s beacon of hope. His generous donations to our family helped us bridge gaps and made it possible to keep all 3 of us on treatment. I don’t know where we would be without him and the foundation. He empowered us and gave us hope, and it kept us alive. He is helping the people who really need help — people who have lost hope and have already lost so much of their lives. Gregg Kirk and The Ticked off Foundation are life savers!

Laurel Brooke Miller,  Spokane, WA

I’m on day 47. I am doing the Cowden protocol plus other supplements I custom formulated, specifically for me based on Genova testing I have been using for years on my patients. So ordered it for myself. So far, one big thing is I am getting better with reading. I was struggling with that and couldn’t even read my own book. I can run a 5k in around 35 minutes if I push it. I have energy more days, and I haven’t been in the hospital at all since starting all of these regimes. As long as I run, I find it combats the chronic fatigue I have gotten used to. I’m drinking a ton of water (normally do that anyway). I watch inspirational videos everyday, and have been able to to do more with my son. I’m disabled, but “working” at my practice some days. Four years ago, I was 70 lbs, bed-bound and had a terminal diagnosis. I haven’t had a seizure since I have been on this protocol. My tremors haven’t gotten out of control since starting the program. Shall I go on? My diet is based on wild caught seafood, lots of fruits and veggies. I have a joke bucket list and love when I can cross something off of that list. Next adventure: Zip lining!

Christie Korth, Mastic Beach, NY

Jenn Hyla, Bainbridge Island, WA