Collect items for recycling, ship them off for recycling to our partner TerraCycle® for free, and proceeds go to the Ticked Off Foundation. It’s as simple as that!





Collect at least  11 lbs. of ONLY

  • hair care packaging
  • skin care packaging
  • cosmetic packaging 

from ANY brand manufacturer.

CLICK HERE to print your collection flyer.

What is NOT accepted in this program?

Anything not listed above.  Any personal care packaging that is NOT plastic. This means no glass, no metal (metal pans in eyeshadow are fine), no aerosol cans, no nail polish bottles, and no nail polish remover bottles.




Collect at least 5 lbs. of ONLY

  • mouthwash bottles & caps
  • deodorant bottles & caps
  • toothpaste tubes & caps
  • soap packaging
  • floss containers
  • toothbrushes 

from ANY brand manufacturer.

CLICK HERE to print your collection flyer.
What is NOT accepted in this program?
Anything not listed above.  Any aerosol deodorant cans.

Everyone can help!  Ask friends, family, fellow Lymies to join in your collection.  Collect at home and your workplace, school and church.  Engage local businesses, social clubs, and Lyme support groups to donate their recycling, too.

2. SHIP:

Package your donation

of at least 11 lbs. of Personal Care Recycling or at least 5 lbs. of Oral Care & Deodorant Recycling per shipment of your empty recycling in a trash bag in a cardboard shipping box and ensure the box is not dripping.  NOTE: Shipments MUST be sorted & shipped per program.  If you ship a box that is less than the minimum, Ticked Off Foundation will NOT receive any donations… so please weigh your boxes before sending!). “]

Request your FREE shipping label:



Drop off your donation

at your nearest UPS drop-off location.  Click HERE to find a UPS drop-off location near you.   Please be aware you CANNOT HAVE UPS pickup – YOU WILL BE CHARGED for this service and cannot be reimbursed!

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Visit our FAQ page if you have any questions or email us at

The Recycle For Lyme program is a combined effort of the Ticked Off Foundation and TerraCycle®. Participants (individuals, Lyme groups, clubs or companies) collect specific materials/containers, ordinarily destined for the land fill or incinerators and not considered traditional recyclable material. Once the shippable amount has been accumulated, participants request a prepaid UPS label and simply drop off the full boxes to ship to TerraCycle.  Every piece of packaging TerraCycle receives will be converted into a $0.02 donation to the Ticked Off Foundation patient fund.  TerraCycle will recycle our packaging into cool, new products, keeping these materials out of our landfills. The more recycling we send them, the higher the donations … and the more we help save the planet.

With this new influx of donations, the foundation can bestow grants to the growing list of Lyme patients currently in crisis and reaching out to us. Not only will these efforts help save the environment by recycling material not ordinarily handled by traditional recycling plants and therefore destined for the landfill or incinerators, but each piece will save a Lyme disease patient in need! This is a WIN/WIN situation.

Our mission is to provide financial assistance and support to Lyme and tick-borne disease patients over the age of 25 who are in crisis. We do this through grants and counseling in an effort to stem the tide of Lyme-related suicides. According to Dr. Joseph Jemsek (MD from Washington, DC), “The most common cause of death in Lyme disease is suicide.”

Through our efforts and support through generous donations and sponsors, we hope to put this reality in the past. The Ticked Off Foundation is recognized by both the IRS and State of Connecticut Franchise Tax Board as a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization, EIN: 47-4783824. Contributions to the Ticked Off Foundation are tax-deductible as allowed by law.